We finally won!!!

11693971_671485032995779_5141361332525268205_nWe have had another cocktail competition with some friends the other week.  And we finally WON!!!  Cant believe it, it was the Pisco Sour that got us the 1st prize.  It was just for fun but it was such a good evening, catching up with friends, making cocktails and also sampling new cocktails.  I first came across the Pisco Sour at a Peruvian restaurant back in April and it is definitely my fav cocktail at the moment.

Pisco Sour – my version

50ml Macchu Pisco or any good brand pisco

30ml Monin sweet and sour syrup

30ml fresh lime juice

A handful of ice

1 egg white

A drizzle of Agave nectar

2 -3 drops Angostura bitters


Mix all the above in a cocktail shaker, except for the Angosture bitters.

Shake well for about 1-2 mins

Pour into a martini glass and add a few drops of Angostura bitters on top.



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