It’s no pot of sugar

We visited Iceland for a long weekend back in Jan.  It was a surprise for my best friend’s 40th birthday.  We visited a traditional Icelandic restaurant one night and I had the pleasure of tasting some Icelandic delicacies – fermented shark, puffin and salt fish.10860886_580784012065882_1186250192693388177_oThe puffin was fine, the texture was more like game meat it was ok.  The salt fish was also fine, a bit chewy and salty but I ate it no problem.  And then the fermented shark in a sealed jar, as soon as I opened the jar there was an aroma of ammonia/blue cheese.  It was only a tiny piece and I ate it.  I didn’t opt for a vodka shot afterwards which my friend did.  Oh boy was that very stupid of me or what.  Again, the texture was chewy but the smell and taste lingered in my mouth after swallowing it.  I am very adventurous when it comes to food but that was not very pleasant to eat at all.  I kept thinking what that smell was afterwards and then it occurred to me that I just ate something that smelt like wee.  I have to add that the rest of the meal was very tasty and totally enjoyable.  It was fun watching the other diners when they tried to eat the same starter later though.


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  1. chefconnie says:

    I love all the healthy fermented foods in Icelandic cuisine.

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